Cocksucking Mathematics


Every morning when I wake up,

I go to the shower and jerk off...

During this I'm thinking about my day,

When I take off on my ipod I push play.


I arrive to school and see my friends

I give a high-five to all the G's on their ghetto place...

They are playing b-ball feeling black,

Fuck them, I rather put a kiss on my girlfriend's neck.


First class is geography today,

Our teacher has got more body hair than my old man...

Then she comes, fucking cock-faced monster,

Giving me a failing mark for the last exam, you roaster.


Her classes are long and I feel shit,

Pupy the dog puts a smile on my face a little bit...

He's cool like all my fellows in my neighborhood,

Not like Mrs. Cock who's licking balls of Robin Hood.


Since I was born I've loved mathematics,

Now I hate it and I don't give a shit about my ethics.


I'm sending Mrs. Cock to the evilest nightmare,

Where she gets shot in her breast and gasps for air...

Acid runs trough her body and the matrix in her head falls apart,

In her face, Steve the big boss cuts loose a juicy fart.


Let her be gone forever, I don't care,

She's just a bitch, slut, punch her in the face!



(egy lökött ?ember? hibás agyában született kis lyrikus költemény,

valamikor 2006 februárjában egy kielégítő matematika óran Ővele...)










































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